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          Warsaw 0 ºC
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          Sixteen destinations in Poland have been awarded Google Maps’ coveted Golden Pin award. The awards are handed out to those locations which, based on the opinions of Google Maps’ users, are rated as being top notch. From the world’s largest castle in Malbork and an African oceanarium in Wroclaw, to the world’s first UNESCO site in Kraków and 220 acres of green space in Poznan, Poland is the gold standard when it comes to holidays!

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          Travel Ideas

          Winter experiences in Poland

          Unfortunate pandemic restrictions on hotel accommodations and Christmas markets cancellations damped the usual winter and holiday spirit. Nevertheless, winter tourism is a type of niche travelwhich Poland isideally situated to accommodate. Poland...

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          Polish National Tourism Office in USA
          5 Marine View Plaza Ste 303b
          Hoboken, NJ 07030
          Phone: 1-201-420-9910

          Polish National Tourist Office in?UK
          10 Heathfield Terrace
          W4 4JE
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